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January 30, 2016
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Every gym has its share of meatheads...they are a different breed of human. But the Weight Training Is The Way blog provides the 'NON-meathead', simplified approach to training and diet. Which camp are you in? Take the test to double check you're definitely/conclusively/absolutely not a meathead... ;-)

Every gym has its share of resident Meatheads.

Some people are simply born Meatheads. Others are diagnosed with Meaty-head-itis just a few months into a weight training regime.

Main Meathead characteristics are…a massively inflated ego…and the individual generally becoming an all-round annoying human.

That’s why the Weight Training Is The Way blog is for all non-meatheads only! 😉

Worried you may be a gym Meathead??? Wanna check you don’t have any of the other worrying symptoms?

Take The Test For Conclusive Results…

  1. Do you often smash weights off the floor in the gym? While sporting an angry beetroot face?
  1. Do you grunt loudly while exercising? Like a big bad grunting bear would grunt? Grrrr.
  1. Or make hissing noises during lifting?
  1. Have you ever told a stranger in the gym that they were “doing it wrong”? Whether you were asked for advice or not.
  1. Do you wear a muscle vest? In and out of the gym?
  1. Do you often pose in the gym mirrors?
  1. Have you ever given yourself a wink when posing in said gym mirrors? Even once? Even when no-one was looking?
  1. Do you regularly pose for selfies while training?
  1. Do you post an average of 20 said selfies per week on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…with the words ‘swole’ or ‘shredded’?
  1. Do you regularly produce silent, toxic protein farts at the weights rack?


  • If you answered YES to between 2-5 of the above questions then it’s highly likely you have indeed contracted this illness – but there’s still time to stop acting like a d*ck and sort your life out.
  • If you answered YES to between 6-10 of the questions then it must be quite obvious looking in the mirror that your head resembles a huge slab of meat.

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