Launched in 2015, Weight Training Is The Way (WTITW) is here to help you become a leaner, stronger, better version of yourself.

Here at WTITW, we apply our own ‘non-meathead’ approach to strength training and diet. This means helping people sculpt lean, athletic, awesome bodies with a big focus on overall health…rather than building bulky, unnatural, over-developed physiques.

This blog is for you if you’re:

* A gym-goer frustrated at not seeing the results you expected.
* Focused on your health and fitness and want to strip fat, while developing lean muscle.
* Fed up with all the confusing info out there in the health and fitness industry. 

WTITW is not about trying to emulate bodybuilders, powerlifters, and creating an over-developed can-barely-walk-through-the-door type of body. Nope, WTITW is all about building an athletic, strong, defined, and well proportioned physique.

Think Greek God, not Johnny Bravo!

My Story

I’m Marc McLean, a 34 year old online personal training and nutrition coach with almost two decades of experience in strength training.

I’m a health and fitness writer for leading websites including Mind Body Green, The Good Men Project and also HealthGreatness.com.

I’m also author of several fitness books including Strength Training 101: Build Muscle & Burn Fat…In Less Than 3 Hours Per Week.

Why The Weight Training Is The Way Blog?

Weight training is not only effective in building muscle and strength, but losing fat, improving cardiovascular health, increasing confidence and strengthening your mental health.

If you want to completely transform your body and create a lean, athletic, strong physique – then it can be done following the advice shared here at Weight Training Is The Way.

Check out this website’s blog section for a library of articles covering four main areas – Weight Training, Diet and Nutrition, Training Motivation, and Abs.

Want To Start Seeing Some Serious Changes In Your Body (And Health)?

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